Release History

  • 4/10/13 V 1.0

    Version 1.0 (Stable Release)

    Added Support for Web App detection and Exploitation
    Stored Procedure Calls (Post Exploitation Phase)
    Added Support for Neo4J,H-Base,Cassandra
    Shodan Header based Search
    Iron Python GUI Version in Progress
    Multithreaded and Proxy Support
    Resource Exhaustion by creating Arbitrary Databases
    Fuzzing Module

  • Beta Version

    Written in Python
    Scanning Module For Mongo,Couch,Redis
    Enumeration Module for Mining DB data for Mongo, Couch and Redis
    Sniffs For Sessions and Passwords
    Detection of REST Interfaces
    Shodan Search Feature
    Couch DB Auto Dump Using Session ID
    Dictionary Attack
    Clone and Dump Databases on the Fly.
    Auto Screenshot Feature Available for REST Interface
    Detection for Master-Slave replication in Mongo and acts accordingly